ALUTRONIC SUPPORTS THE ACENTAURI TEAM... the World Solar Challenge 2023 in Australia

Sept. 12, 2023 | category: News - Technology

We are proud supporters of the team from Acentauri, who are taking part in the World Solar Challenge 2023 in Australia with their innovative solar car. This exciting race, also known as "Down Under 2023", is a challenging test for the latest developments in renewable energy and sustainable mobility.

Acentauri, a leader in renewable energy and solar technology, has relied on Alutronic's expertise and high-quality heat sinks for their ambitious project. Our heat sinks help to increase the efficiency of the solar vehicle and maintain the temperature of the electronic components at an optimal level to ensure maximum performance and reliability during the race.

The World Solar Challenge is a globally respected event where teams from around the world demonstrate their technological capabilities in solar energy and electric mobility. Acentauri is determined to promote sustainable change in the automotive industry with their solar car and to explore the limits of solar technology.

Alutronic is proud to be part of this exciting project and to support the Acentauri team in realising their vision. We believe that the combination of Acentauri's innovations and Alutronic's high quality products represents a promising future for renewable energy and electric mobility.

Here you can find more information about the project