New miniature cooling system


April 4, 2024 | category: News - Technology

ALUTRONIC and SEPA have been known for decades for their excellent co-operation, which has often resulted in ingenious products for active cooling.
The latest product is an extremely compact chip cooler that complements the existing HX and HZ series and is particularly suitable for use in IPC and embedded computing.
The HZ30B05A active cooler is an innovative solution in which a high-performance RaAxial fan has been sunk flush into an aluminium pin block heat sink instead of placing it on the surface. This design enables a remarkably low height of just 8 mm. The chip cooler therefore fits easily into even the most compact devices. The cooling performance also speaks for itself, as the pins are arranged in a staggered arrangement and are therefore exposed to a particularly effective flow of air. The thermal resistance of just 4.7 K/W is impressive proof of this.



The active cooler also sets standards in terms of weight. At just 11 g, it is as light as a feather and is ideal for systems where every gram counts. It is also very quiet, which makes it particularly recommendable for environments in which quiet operation is of crucial importance.
The chip cooler is mounted without the use of screws, which is simple and time-saving, e.g. by means of a double-sided self-adhesive heat conducting film.
The integrated MF17B05 mini fan has a special, long-lasting fan element.